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•  February 1st: Abstract submission
•  August 20th: standard registration
•  September 30th: late registration

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EcoMedia-Training course in modern manufacturing methodes
in metal technology

A week of theory and practise for European teachers of vocational education training from

20. - 24.05.2019

at the Vocational College Wiesau (DE).
Language of the training: German-English

Here you can find short notes about the training course.


We will show you basics for your lessons.
We will inform you about new technology.
We will offer you further training in metal themes.
You can work practically and theoretically.
We have expert speakers from different companies and nations.
You can ask professionals.

Key themes

  • Lecture 'Industrie 4.0'
  • Mobile automation for high-speed CNC-bending
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • CNC 3D-watercutting
  • Robot training system KUGA

Culture program

  • Bavarian culture evening
  • Gala Dinner
  • KZ memorial Flossenbürg, concentration camp
  • City tour Nuremberg
  • Get together

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You may apply for mobility funding at your National Agency with reference to:
BSZ Wiesau:
PIC-Nummer: 945412732

EU-Referenznummer: 225916-CP-1-2005-1-AT-C-C3

Deadline for applications to the National Agency in 32 countries in Europe
February 2019